T'S & C'S

Make Sure Your Read These Carefully

Please make sure you read through these terms and conditions. Once you completed an application form, we will assume that you have read and agreed to these terms. You must sign our contract of employment, which stipulates that you MUST COMPLETE your contract of employment with your US Employer and Nuhorizon Staffing Solutions.

Should you breach the contract at any time, you and your surety will be liable for any costs incurred by Nuhorizon on your behalf. This includes but is not limited to, paying your return airfare. You must undergo a drug test prior to acceptance. Nuhorizon Staffing Solutions AND/OR your employer in the USA reserves the right to request a drug test at ANY TIME. You agree to ONLY work for the EMPLOYER as set out in your Nuhorizon Staffing Solutions contract of employment. You are obligated to return to South Africa on completion of your contract. You are obligated to attend an orientation meeting. All information furbished must be truthful and correct. Failure to comply will result in legal action being taken against you and/or your surety.


Nuhorizon, its sponsors, contributors and advertisers disclaim all liability for any loss, damage, injury or expense that might arise from the use of, or reliance upon, the services contained herein.
Nuhorizon accepts to take all reasonable steps to maintain the confidentiality of material posted through its CV submission service, and to restrict access to recognised employment agencies.
By submitting their CVs, users understand and agree that their CVs and all material contained therein may be viewed by recognised recruitment agencies, and that they may be contacted regarding vacancies matching their qualifications and experience.
Users understand that they may make the conscious choice for their CVs to be viewed by bona fide employers advertising vacancies through the Nuhorizon online service.
Nuhorizon does not guarantee that a CV shall be viewed by any specific number of agencies or employers.
Nuhorizon does not guarantee the accuracy of any material posted by its users through this website.
The user acknowledges and agrees that the user is solely responsible for the form and content of any CV or material contained therein placed by the user on the Nuhorizon online service, and therefore absolves Nuhorizon in respect of any claim that may arise.
This information need not be submitted in applications for employment in terms of the South African Labour Relations Act. However, should you wish to do so for whatever reason, Nuhorizon and its subscribers accept no liability for any claim arising from such submission.