Free Plane Ticket, Job Guaranteed, Visa Organised!

Nuhorizon Staffing Solutions is dedicated to the continued growth and prosperity of the mobile amusement industry in the USA. Our contribution in this regard is to provide the strongest possible ASSET any company could wish for GOOD QUALITY STAFF.

So if you want to travel and work in the USA, need a gap year that pays or you are just looking to spread your wings with a different job in America?
Come broaden your horizons with Nuhorizon.

As specialist in staffing solutions for jobs overseas, Nuhorizon is constantly looking for strong, energetic young people who want to work in the United States of America! We make it easy for you to travel and work in America. Arranging your interview's, medical clearances, background checks and processing your visa applications; we even pay for your airfare to America.

So what are you waiting for? Finding work in the USA has never been so easy! Just apply, interview, and fly!

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