Your Role in Getting There

1. You need to be a South African citizen with a valid South African passport.
2. You need to provide us with all the necessary paperwork and information
required to get your application and visa processed successfully.

3. You need to have enough money available for the cost of your American
visa application and your first week’s spending money.
This ranges between R2500 and R4500, which you’ll make back in your first week of work.

4. You need to pass all relevant checks and screening processes to be eligible,
including a medical and background check.

5. You need to keep any appointments we set up for you, including appearing in person
at your Nuhorizon interview and American consulate Visa interview. If you live far away from the Nuhorizon
and Visa interview sites, you will need to get yourself there on your own account.
Interviews are held in various big cities, depending on applicant demand.