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Belinda Kuhn
Hi Elizabeth,
I just want to thank you guys once more for all your support and hard work in bringing Jacques safely and speedily back from the States. I especially want to thank Megan, I hope you realise what a gem of an employee you have there. She is most friendly, helpful and goes the extra (100) mile(s) for Nuhorizen's clients. She is quite an amazing person. Please be sure to cherish and nourish the employee that she is, and if possible show her how much she is worth and appreciated. I am sure you won't find a more capable and responsible person to replace her...ever!!
I will most definitely recommend your company to anyone and everyone. All the best for the future!!

Kind Regards

Angelique Angel Cross reviewed Nuhorizon Staffing Solutions - 5 star
August 24 at 5:49am
Nuhorizon staffing solutions is the best recruitment agency you will find. Not only do they get you the job and help you step by step with the process. They also look out for you well being, from when you leave until you return. i have been traveling now for 4 years and not once had any problems and if an issue did come to light Nuhorizon staffing solutions took care of it right away. Job well done.

Alma Everts
More Elizabeth

Dankie vir al jou reelings en liefde vir die kinders.
JP se ook dankie, hy was maar broos Saterdag en ook maar so n bietjie bang en onseker, maar to hy die groep by die Lughawe ontmoet het en begin gesels was alles oor en is hy nou net baie opgewonde. Die ouens en girls wat al daar was het hom onder die vlerk ingetrek en ons almal veseker dat hulle baie mooi na mekaar kyk en omsien- hulle is nou sy famlie het een daar gese. Die groep was baie bly om mekaar weer te sien en mens kan sien daar is n hegte band tussen hulle.


Jenine Langford.
Hope you keeping well,

Well, though it saddens me a lot not to be going back this year, it was also a very important decision for me to make.

I was diagnosed 3 years ago with Osteoarthritis, thus it has become increasing difficult to participate with certain activities.

Last year when I was in the States I was hospitalised on 3 September with Kidney stones due to a rare kidney disease which I was unaware even existed.
The Inners family has truly been good to me and like family to me in many ways and the experience of being overseas has been mind blowing and thank all of you who helped make it possible to go for the last 3years. I have decided to take a break this year and will miss the Journey in avery big way.

Renier Kruger
Ride attendant-Goldstar Amusements 2012 Season
I enjoyed working in America thoroughly. I had the opportunity to see more States then I thought I would and even had time for a two hour boat trip on the Wisconsin river!

I had the opportunity to ride as many rides, as often, as I liked (off course when on break) and enjoyed the live music of bands performing at almost every spot we played till late at night.The carnival food, completely different to anything I've ever eaten before, ranging from corn dog's to funnel cakes was interesting and nice. I remember visiting many water parks which I highly enjoyed and I even visited Elvis Presley's home-Graceland.

It was a mind blowing experience: meeting people with different cultures and a different way of life. I will definitely do it all over again and recommend it to anyone looking to broaden their perspective of life outside of Africa.

Thanks Nu Horizon for making it all possible!

Misha-Lamè Schoeman
Hi guys!

Hope all is well! I'm all better now this side and no trace of that AWEFULLE flu remains thanks to 2000 mg of Antibiotics and an overdose of oranges lol. My Medic Alert bangle has finally arrived as well and I must say, it's not too shabby, lol, most certainly not what I was expecting but in a good way. who says there aren't anymore GOOD surprises? :)

I'm getting truly exited as I am sure that we all are! I just wanted to check with you guys, how much money more or less do we need to take over for the first two weeks and how would that work? Do we create an account on this side with the money in that we will be able to access in America? Just want to make sure that I've got all my bases covered :)

Thank you guys so much for all the help that you have been providing me with. You have all been under a tremendous amount of stress and yet have been able to provide everybody with excellent service in spite of of your work overload. I thank you all kindly for this!

Thanking you in advance

Lana Burger
Dearest Nuhorizon
I would like to thank you all for the hard work and dedication.
Do you have any information as to the return flight of Helen Burger to South Africa.
Many thanks once again
Kind regards/Groete

Angie Van Den Heever
Hope to be there next year!!!!
I did apply only need to send my sap clearance to you!! This really sounds like fun and a work that anyone will love!!
November 27, 2015 at 3:54pm

Natasha Grovè
Yes go RCS lol glad we broke the record It's always a pleasure to work for Ray Cammack Show smile emoticon 2015 here we come
1 January 6, 2015 at 5:59am

Rika Delport on behalf of Hendrik Delport
May 9, 2013
To: All the Staff of NuHorizon
We would like to thank you all for the excellent service received from your offices. You are very professional and helpfull. Hendrik is safely in Chicago and started on his first shift yesterday.
Thanking You

Bridget Hanslo
The staff of Nuhorizon Staff are the best!
1 May 9, 2013 at 8:30am

Natasha Grovè
January 6, 2015
I think Nuhorizan is the way to go. I got the opportunity to travel overseas and meet new people and see places you wish to go to. I travelled to the States of Texas to the Desert State of Arizona and of coarse the City that new sleeps Vegas and California.They are always supportive and keeps you motivated and once you have travelled through them you get still the best service once you return home. I love working with Monique and Nicole and Elizabeth they always friendly and always are helpful and keeps you de stressed. I'd like to thank Nuhorizan for giving me the opportunity to Travel!

Laney Flattery
January 31, 2012
We are proud to be in partnership with Nuhorizon for many years now. They always staff us with wonderful, well-qualified employees!

A'Lida Smith reviewed Nuhorizon Staffing Solutions - 5 star
November 11, 2014
An opertunity of a life time!!!!!

Stephen Petersen reviewed Nuhorizon Staffing Solutions - 5 star
November 15, 2014
i think this is a wonderful opportunity for young responsible adults that wanna gain a working and at the same time experience and an opportunity of a life time ,to meet new friends and people around the world.

Everything great here. We are having a great year with our crew! Talk soon