Ride Attendant

If you enjoy working with your hands and some trade experience, this is the job for you!  
The rides at the mobile amusement parks where you will be working are often massive mechanical
structures with hundreds of different moving parts. They take a lot of time to set up and tear down
to move to the next location as the mobile amusement park moves. Your job will be to keep
these rides in top shape in order to maintain the highest levels of safety.

To work as a ride attendant, you must be drug and alcohol free, clean and well groomed,
and have some basic mechanical knowledge.
You must be able to follow instructions perfectly and you will also have to convey
various instructions and safety messages to your guests. For this reason,
you must be able to speak and understand English fluently.
Lifting heavy equipment is a part of this job,
so applicants need to be healthy, fit and strong.

The duties of a Ride Attendant include, but are not limited to:

- Assembling rides together with your team, and laying the electrical cables
(lead lines) from the generator or power box.
- Maintenance of your ride, including greasing, washing,
polishing or waxing and changing blown light bulbs.
- Operation of the ride. It will be your duty to make sure
everything runs smoothly and safely while the fair is open.
- You will be loading and off-loading passengers, making sure that they are strapped in safely.
- You will be required to learn and follow all safety procedures of the ride
so that you know what to do to ensure that nothing goes wrong.
- Disassembly of the ride. This is often the worst part of your day,
as it’s labor intensive and happens at the end of a long day.