How Can We Help You

Nuhorizon can ensure that you receive reliable, hardworking and trustworthy employees, every time. Our employees are interviewed and screened extensively. Only the best applicants are afforded the opportunity to join your company.
All employees are screened for criminal clearance.
All employees are subject to full medical clearance.
All employees are subject to a comprehensive drug screening.

Successful applicants undergo a pre-departure orientation session, ensuring that they are prepped and
ready to work when they land.
We will ensure each applicant receives 
a valid US Temporary / Seasonal Working Visa prior to departure.
Nuhorizon will co-ordinate all transportation requirements between South Africa and your chosen port of entry.
Working hand-in-hand with an established group of attorneys, we are able to assist 
you in getting the required Labour Certification and appropriate visas 
according to USCIS regulations. We have all the knowledge and experience needed to help you make a success of your H2B programme.