Game Attendant

If you are an extrovert personality with a keen sense of confidence, this is the job for you. At the mobile amusement parks, there are all sorts of games available, including water games, shooting games, ball games and other games of skill. Game Attendants operate, assemble and disassemble these games. The job involves selling your game by speaking over a microphone in order to attract people to your stall.

You will be responsible for handing out prizes, taking and counting money, and managing your stock.
As with any job, you will sometimes have to attend meetings, so everybody is informed of the day’s schedule, including the break times and periodic re-stocking of the game during operating hours. To be a Mobile Amusement Park Game Attendant, you must be drug and alcohol free, clean and well groomed. You must have a firm understanding of the English language, which includes speaking and writing. Being fit will count as a plus, as you will sometimes work in severe weather conditions, lift heavy objects, and stand on your feet for hours at a time. Being extroverted, reliable and dependable is important, too.

The duties of a Game Attendant include, but are not limited to:

- Assembling the games together with your team, and laying the
electrical cables (lead lines) from the generator or power box.
- Maintenance of your game, including greasing, washing and sometimes
polishing or waxing, and changing light bulbs.
- Stocking your game and sometimes co-worker’s games,
should they be too busy and require your help.
- Packing of stock trucks when new stock arrives from the suppliers,
sometimes in bad weather or in your break time.
- Operating the game honestly and ethically.
- ‘Selling’ the game by talking to people over a microphone, calling them in to
play the game, and then awarding a prize to the winner.
- You will be responsible for cleaning up around your assigned game during and after the show.
- Disassembly of the game to ensure that it is ready to move to the next location.