Answers To Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

Nuhorizon Staffing Solutions will secure your work permit from the American Employer. We will then assist you in obtaining your H2B visa, by offering support in the completion of your documentation etc.

No, you do not. You will, however, need to come for an interview with Nuhorizon Staffing Solutions. Should you be accepted into the program you will need to undergo a further interview with the United States Consulate. This is so that they may determine if you are eligible to enter the USA. Should the USA Consulate deem you fit to enter, they will issue you with a H2B visa, this visa will cost you approximately R1200 – R1500 depending on the Rand / Dollar exchange rate.

You will be working for a mobile carnival, and will be traveling from one State to another.  Each carnival
will travel a different route.  Once you have been placed, Nuhorizon will be in a position to
provide you with a clearer explanation of the States and towns you will have the opportunity to travel to.

Your salary will be payable according to the employers regular salary agreement.
This may be weekly or fortnightly and is usually in cash.

You will receive a minimum of (USD) $250 per week prior to deduction.  Many applicants receive as much as $350 per week based on their hard work and good attitude.  Your living expenses will be between $50 and $100 per week.
This means that you could save as much as $150 to $250 (R4200 and R7000) per week.

The duration of your contract is 6 to 10 months depending on your date of departure and the validity of your H2B visa.

We will cover the cost of your airline ticket providing that you remain in the employment of the Company, which you have been placed with for the full duration of your contract and return to South Africa on completion of the said contract.

Your accommodation will be provided in the form of shared sleeping quarters.

These are mobile trailers, which are divided into sleeping quarters, equipped with bunk beds and a
cupboard. Each trailer is equipped with showers only and you will be expected to share these
facilities with your other colleagues so please remember to leave it as you wish to find it.

Porter potties will be provided at each location.