This position entails working with food. For this job, you will have to be fluent in English, able to multi-task and focused on customer satisfaction. You will be required to be clean and well groomed, have a friendly disposition and be confident when working with money. You should be able to lift a minimum of 20kg or more and stand for long periods of time.

As with any job, you will sometimes have to attend meetings, so everybody is informed of the day’s schedule, including the break times and periodic re-stocking of the food stand/trailer during operating hours, which will sometimes have to be done in your break time. In this position, hygiene is of the utmost importance.

The duties of a Concessioner include, but are not limited to:

- Maintenance of the stand or trailer.
- Assembly of the food stand/trailer together with your team, as well as laying the
electrical cables (lead lines)from the generator or power box.
- Daily cleaning of the stand/trailer, including cleaning of the fryers, fridges and more.
- Restocking of supplies inside the stand/trailer, as well as offloading new stock as it arrives, and packing supply trailers.
- Preparing foodstuffs, including cotton candy, popcorn, burgers and hotdogs, corn dogs and nachos.
- You will be responsible for cleaning up around your assigned food stall/trailer during and after the show.
- Ensuring that food and sanitation policies are strictly adhered to.
- Tearing down (disassembly) your food stall/trailer so it is ready for towing to the next spot.