The Process

Working on a mobile amusement park in America is the ideal way to work and travel in a gap year making it easy to earn dollars. Travel can be very expensive, so a solution whereby you can both travel through various States of America and at the same time earn dollars is an awesome solution. We have years of experience providing work in America, allowing you to get paid, meet interesting people and visit exciting places as the mobile amusement park travels from State to State.

Although no previous mobile amusement park experience is required for our travel program, all applicants should have plenty of energy, be in good health, be outgoing and friendly and have a responsible work ethic.

Nuhorizon will provide you with information and support throughout the process ensuring a simple, economical and successful experience. We will even pay for your flight to America making it even easier to start your travel adventure.

Nuhorizon’s applicants are typically aged between 21 – 35, whose main focus is to work and save money.

If you have a gap year to fill and are looking for an interesting and different way to fill it, take advantage of this opportunity to travel overseas, earn dollars and save. Our applicants who are looking for paid work in America are from all walks of life, with their main focus being on travelling, working hard and saving money.

As part of our program, Nuhorizon can offer student work in America allowing you to earn dollars as a student. However, we only accept student applicants that are hardworking and responsible. Although this student work experience in America is fun, hard work is involved and this is not the job for students looking for free student travel and party time.

We suggest you take a look at some of the TESTIMONIALS we have received from others who have enjoyed their Nuhorizon travel and paid work experience in America recently. Our Frequently Asked Questions page also has more information for any immediate questions you may have while considering this travel opportunity.

Once you’ve made up your mind, simply:

  1. Apply online.
  2. Attend an easy interview with us at Nuhorizon.
  3. Undergo standard criminal clearance and medical checks needed to enter America.
  4. Go through the Visa process, including an interview at the American consulate nearest to you.
  5. Get Visa approval.
  6. Start your adventure!